Who Stole the American Dream


Who stole the American dream is a book that was written a decade ago but is invaluable today. Network marketing is a form of business whose time has come.Is corporate America safe? Ask any...anyone who has been downsized or outsized how "safe" their J-O-B was.When you work for someone else you fulfill their dreams, not yours. Companies need people more than people need companies.

  • Author - Burke Hedges
  • Language - English
  • Publisher - Qford Educare
  • Pages - 142
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Product Description

This is a book full of surprises and revelations—the accidental beginnings of the 401(k) plan, with disastrous economic consequences for many; the major policy changes that began under Jimmy Carter; how the New Economy disrupted America’s engine of shared prosperity, the “virtuous circle” of growth, and how America lost the title of “Land of Opportunity.” Smith documents the transfer of $6 trillion in middle-class wealth from homeowners to banks even before the housing boom went bust, and how the U.S. policy tilt favoring the rich is stunting America’s economic growth

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