Wedding Sankha Pala Set


Product Details :

* Product Type : Wedding Sankha Pala Set 

* Brand : Sumaner Sankha 

* Material : Pure Sankha (Conch Shell)

* Components : Sankha (White Conch Shell Bangles) and Pala (Red Bangles)

* Usage : Traditional Bengali wedding ceremonies, special occasions, anniversaries

* Design : Handmade, meticulously crafted 

* Significance : Symbol of puritity, marital bliss, and tradition 

* Packaging : Secure and elegant packaging 

* Care Instructions : Handle with care, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals 

* Origin : India 

* Manufacturing Company : Sumaner Sankha 

Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Bengal with the exquisite Wedding Sankha Pala Set from Sumaner Sankha. A cherished token of tradition and love, this set is a true embodiment of the sacred bond of marriage 


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Product Description

About This Product :

Celebrate the cherished traditions of Bengal with the exquisite Wedding Sankha Pala Set from the renowned brand, Sumaner Sankha. Crafted with utmost precision and care, this set embodies the timeless essence of conch shell adornments that hold a significant place in Bengali culture.

Made from pure Sankha (conch shell), the Wedding Sankha Pala Set is a symbol of purity, tradition, and marital bliss. The set includes both Sankha (white conch shell bangles) and Pala (red bangles)- a classic combination worn by Bengali brides during their wedding ceremonies.

These bangles are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring their authenticity and unique charm. The white Sankha bangles represent purity, while the red Pala bangles symbolize marital prosperity. The set beautifully captures the essence of the age-old wedding ritual, making it a cherished possession for every Bengali bride.

Designed for special occasions, wedding anniversaries, and marriages, the Sumaner Sankha Wedding Sankha Pala Set is a tribute to tradition and elegance. It evokes a sense of cultural heritage and serves as a timeless reminder of the sacred bond of marriage.

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