Sarat Chandrer Pather Dabi Bisleshaner Aloke

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* Book Name : Sarat Chandrer Pather Dabi Bisleshaner Aloke

* Language : Bengali

* Author : Dhrubakumar Mukhopadhyay

* ISBN : 9789388351638

* Features : The pages are whiter, brighter and smoother

* Set Content : 1 Notebook

* Bound : Hard bound cover

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Product Description

About this item:

"Saratchandra's Pather Dabi: Bisleshaner Aloke" is a literary gem that immerses readers in the timeless brilliance of Saratchandra Chattopadhyay's classic novel, "Pather Dabi." This insightful and illuminating edition, titled "Bisleshaner Aloke," sheds new light on the narrative, offering a fresh perspective on the author's groundbreaking work

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