Plantable Seed Ball Pen Set (10 pcs.)


Product details :

* Set of 10 Blue Ball Pens with plantable seeds
* Each pen contains a water-soluble seed capsule
* Government-approved seeds of different plants
* Smooth 0.5mm ballpoint for comfortable writing
* Lightweight and eco-friendly
* Suitable for gifting to men, women, teenagers, teachers, and more
* Seeds germinate in 7-10 days when planted and cared for properly

Experience the joy of writing while contributing to a greener planet. Get your Plantable Seed Ball Pen Set today and witness the magic of nature's growth in your hands!

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Product Description

About this item :

Introducing our innovative Plantable Seed Ball Pen Set – the perfect eco-friendly stationery solution!

Made from recycled paper, these 10 blue ball pens are a step towards sustainability, with 90% less plastic than regular pens. Enjoy smooth writing till the very end, and then comes the exciting part – plant it!

Each pen is embedded with government-approved herb and flower seeds, neatly encased in a water-soluble seed capsule. Simply plant the pen stub in the soil, water it, and bask it in sunlight. In just 7-10 days, watch as the seeds germinate into vibrant herbs, fragrant flowers, or even fresh vegetables! 

Ideal as a thoughtful corporate gift for men, women, teachers, doctors, architects, and more, these biodegradable and non-toxic pens are a complete win-win. With a lightweight body and a smooth 0.5mm ballpoint, they ensure an enjoyable writing experience. And don't worry about the seeds – they're government-approved and of the highest quality, guaranteeing maximum growth.

Perfect for gifting during office festivals, school events, or to your environmentally-conscious loved ones. Our Plantable Seed Ball Pen Set not only encourages sustainability but also instils the importance of nature in the next generation. Inculcate eco-friendly habits while nurturing your very own mini garden!

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