King Size Bedsheet ( 20% OFF )

988.80 ₹ 1,236.00

* Size: Flat (King, 102x112  )
* Material : Super Soft Cotton
* Colour : White & Blue 
* Pattern : Printed
* Number of Pieces :  (1 Flat Bedsheet and 2 Pillow Covers)
* Bedsheet Size : 102x112  Inches
* Pillow Cover Size : 20x36 Inches
* Care Instructions : 
* Cold Machine Wash, 
* Do Not Use Strong Detergents, 
* Do Not Bleach, 
* Do Not Tumble Dry, 
* Do Not Soak for a Long Time, 
* Dry in Shade

Ultra-soft and smooth, Durable and long-lasting fabric, Easy hand and machine wash, 
Large size for easy tuck-in below the bed.

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Product Description

Bedsheets are like the unsung heroes of the bedroom, don't you think? They come in various materials, from cozy flannel to crisp cotton or silky satin. Thread count is the unsung hero behind the scenes—higher counts often mean smoother and softer sheets. Patterns and colors add a splash of personality to your sleeping sanctuary. Whether you're into minimalist whites, vibrant patterns, or soothing pastels, there's a bedsheets style for everyone. And let's not forget about fitted sheets—they're like the snug hugs for your mattress.

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