Asian Men's Sports Shoes


Product Details:

* Brand- Asian

* Sole Material- Rubber

* Sports- Training or Gym

* Cushioning- Medium

* All-Rounder running shoes 

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Product Description

About this product :

Experience ultimate comfort and performance with our Skyblue Training Sports Shoes by Asian. These shoes are specially designed to enhance your training and gym sessions while providing style and functionality.

Crafted with a mesh upper, these sports shoes offer excellent breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry during your workouts. The skyblue color adds a vibrant touch, making them a stylish choice for your athletic activities.

The slip-on detail adds convenience, allowing you to quickly put on and take off the shoes without the hassle of laces.

Designed with medium cushioning, these sports shoes strike the perfect balance between support and responsiveness, making them suitable for various training routines and gym exercises.

The textured and patterned outsole offers reliable traction and grip on all types of surfaces, providing stability and confidence as you move and train.
























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